Project Description

Dynamic Balancing Machine

The dynamic balancing process is an important sector ensuring the safe operation of turbocharger unit.


Overseas Turbo Repair maintains fully equipped workshop with certified Dynamic Balancing Machines of the latest technology for carrying out the balancing test for any turbocharger’s rotor shaft type and maker.

Our specialist team is able to identify and adjust any issue of unbalance of turbocharger Rotor shaft. Due to the unbalance of rotor, vibrations can (be) caused by the asymmetry of the mass distribution of the body around the rotation axis and cause fatigue to the rotor and bearings reducing thus the lifespan of the vital components of the engine and performance. The noise is increasing and in long term these vibrations can be deteriorated and cause serious damage.

A dynamic balancing certificate is provided after the balancing test of rotor shaft.


Overseas Turbo Repair is equipped with the innovative solution of flexible portable dynamic balancing devices, designed to respond effectively in high vibration environments such as that of the ship’s engine room.

This exclusive service solves the major integrated repair problem of Rotor, offering complete repair – balancing service directly on board -without having to take the rotor off board, a time consuming and costly service- and covers the total range of turbocharger’s balancing requirements of Main & Auxiliary engines.

Especially, in cases of remote ports, where there is no infrastructure or specialized workshops suitable for balancing, this exclusive service is a great added value for the ship-owners & charterers as they save valuable time and money.


All turbocharger services and spare parts provided from our service engineers accompanied with 12 months warranty.


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